Project Info

Location: Iqaluit, Nunavut

Client: QIA

Lead: QBDC


  • Largest private land development in Nunavut
  • Model for partnership development between Municipalities and Inuit Organizations

Project Description

Iqaluit, the Capital of Nunavut, is a quickly growing City yet has a dwindling supply of serviced land to keep pace with development prospects.

QBDC is leading the development of the 16-hectare Inuit Owned Land the lies adjacent to the City Core and along the gateway from the new Iqaluit International Airport.

QBDC is the project manager for the development area. QBDC was instrumental in advancing a collaboration with the City of Iqaluit to cost share municipal servicing infrastructure to the area which has permitted an additional 32 hectares of City land to be developed.

The development broke ground in 2017 with the construction of the first building – the Uqsuq garage and office building. In 2018, construction began for the Aqsarnitt Hotel and Conference Centre.

As project manager, QBDC is promoting the development of future economic and cultural infrastructure such as a Nunavut Cultural Centre, a Healing Centre, an Elders Care Facility and affordable homeownership residential buildings.

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