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Qikiqtaaluk Corporation

About Us

As the Inuit birthright development corporation for the Qikiqtani Region, we have a responsibility to strengthen the social and economic well-being of Nunavut and the 15,000+ Inuit we represent. We were trusted with this mandate when Qikiqtani Inuit Association (QIA) created QC in 1983 as their for-profit development arm.

Our goal is to improve the social and economic well-being of Nunavut and the 15,000+ Qikiqtani Inuit we represent.

We embody this responsibility in everything we do. We strive to make a positive difference for Inuit, communities and the Nunavut economy through dedication and determination to create meaningful employment and business opportunities. Upholding Inuit principles and values, we are committed to working collaboratively to serve and provide for our communities.

QC is always evolving to respond to emerging markets and to be a major contributor to all sectors of the Nunavut economy. Since 1983, we have grown from a one-person company to a group of companies with hundreds of employees. Through these companies, QC has strategically established business in fisheries, transportation, telecommunication, hospitality, energy, environment, construction, retail, and real estate.

Since our creation, QC has matured into a multi-disciplinary company with 33 subsidiaries, joint ventures and affiliations.

Our mission is derived from the company's aspiration to invest in and create sound financial business opportunities.

We invest in and create business opportunities that have grown our company to be the economic driver in the Region transforming Nunavut’s economic landscape. Our growth strategy includes investments in sound financial business endeavours that maximize local participation to have a lasting effect.

Qikiqtaaluk Corporation

Vision & Values

Fostering economic development opportunities for Inuit.


We serve and support our communities to foster well-being and self-reliance. Together we make the difference.


Responding to the emerging global economy, we evolve and transform our company in a way that makes Inuit proud and contributes to the economic prosperity of Inuit.


We pursue growth and learning in all our endeavours to build Inuit capacity, create employment and develop career opportunities.


We uphold Inuit values and respond to the Nunavut Agreement to accomplish the vision our Inuit leaders had for Inuit and our Territory.


We respect and nurture our environment, economy and people. We care for and protect our land and resources.

QC by the Numbers

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Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors establish policies, set corporate direction and monitor investments and performance of QC’s subsidiaries and joint venture companies.

Board members are registered under the Nunavut Agreement and appointed by QIA for a three-year term. They are selected based on their experience in business and governance.

Harry Flaherty


Tommy Akavak


Peter Keenainak

Vice President

Mathew Alainga

Secretary Treasurer

Mathew Alainga


Blandina Tulugarjuk


Anne Curley


Sheena Qaunaq


History & Growth

Since our creation in 1983, QC has matured from a one-person entity to a multi-disciplinary group of companies with 32 subsidiaries, joint ventures, partnerships and affiliations.


Aqsarniit Hotel and Conference Center opens

QC’s 100 percent Inuit-owned Aqsarniit Hotel and Conference Center opens.

RV Ludy Pudluk Research Vessel is completed

QC Fisheries Division completes the construction of a $2.5 million vessel for inshore fishery development research.


PanArctic Communication Inc. is created

QC creates PanArctic Communication Inc., a subsidiary company to bring fast and reliable internet services to Nunavut.


Nunavut Nukkiksautiit Corporation is announced

QC announces a new subsidiary company, Nunavut Nukkiksautiit Corporation, to pursue clean energy projects in collaboration with Qikiqtani communities. NNC is the first 100 percent Inuit owned clean energy developer in Nunavut.

QC acquires 100% ownership of QFC

QC acquires 100 percent ownership of Qikiqtaaluk Fisheries Corporation becoming the sole owner of the Saputi.

Aqsarniit Hotel and Conference Centre breaks ground

Construction of QC’s 100 percent Inuit-owned, Aqsarniit Hotel and Conference Centre in Iqaluit starts on Inuit Owned Land.

QC celebrates 35 years

QC celebrates its 35th year of operation and 35 years of success, growth and profitability.


Achieves 81% Inuit Employment

QC has the highest share of Inuit employees of any private Nunavut employer.

New Larga Baffin Facility

The Ottawa Larga Baffin medical boarding home moves to a new larger facility to better accommodate Qikiqtani Inuit when they are on medical travel.

Inuit Owned Land lease signing

QC signs a land lease with QIA for the Inuit Owned Land in Iqaluit. The development of this parcel of land is the largest private land development initiative in Nunavut.


QC creates Qikiqtaaluk Business Development Corporation

To better serve Qikiqtani communities, QC creates QBDC subsidiary to support communities in realizing their economic and infrastructure priorities.


Qikiqtani Community Tour

QC visits each Qikiqtani community to meet with residents and community leaders to hear their needs and visions for their community.


MV Saputi retrofit

To increase the Saputi cargo capacity, the vessel is extended by 12 meters. The cargo is expanded to carry up to 900 tons of turbot and 650 tons of northern shrimp, increasing its efficiency.


QC secures bonding without external guarantees for large environmental projects

QC is the first 100 percent Inuit-owned company to secure bonding without external guarantees as prime contractor for this multi-million dollar environmental remediation contract.

QC diversifies to security and air transportation services

QC invests in two new joint ventures – QC/Scarlet Security Service Inc. and Qikiqtani First Aviation Ltd.


QC expands its operations to building supplies retail sales

QC and Nunasi Corporation purchase Frobuild Ltd. a building supply store in Iqaluit.

QC secures first contract with mining industry

Qikiqtaaluk Logistics signs its first contract with Baffinland Iron Mines for employment recruitment and road maintenance at the mine site.


Qikiqtaaluk Logistics is formed

QC forms the Qikiqtaaluk Logistics subsidiary company to lead the environmental cleanup projects.

QC is recognized for Inuit capacity building project delivery model

Harry Flaherty is awarded the Deputy Minister’s Pride and Recognition Award for Service Excellence from Indian and Northern Affairs Canada in recognition of the efforts to maximize and promote Inuit participation and career development in the Resolution Island Remediation Project. The project boasts 95 percent Inuit employment.


QC creates Qikiqtaaluk Fisheries Corporation

The majority-owned partnership, Qikiqtaaluk Fisheries Corporation, is created.

Fishing vessel Saputi is purchased

QFC purchases the MV Saputi – a 64 meter factory freezer commercial fishery vessel.


QC starts construction of the $62M Qikiqtani General Hospital

QC is the first Inuit company to partner with the Government of Nunavut under a Private-Public Partnership for the construction of the first hospital in Nunavut – the Qikiqtani General Hospital in Iqaluit.

QC expands to the IT industry

QC purchases assets of two small IT companies to form QITC.

Qikiqtaaluk Properties Inc. is created

QC forms Qikiqtaaluk Properties Inc. to manage real estate holdings.


QC enters retail sales industry

QC purchases the Baffin Gas Bar from Kakivak Association.


QC enters the environmental field

QC is awarded the $6.95 M Resolution Island remediation contract.


First property management contract

QC secures its first operation and maintenance contract for the Iqaluit airport.

Uqsuq Joint Venture is established

QC expands its operations to fuel delivery securing a contract for the operation of the Iqaluit fuel storage and distribution facility.


QC expands to heavy equipment sales

A joint venture company is created with Hewitt Equipment Ltd. to enter the heavy equipment sales and services market.


First commercial building project

QC is contracted to build the “Blue Dome” in Iqaluit. The building serves as an office for the Baffin Regional Inuit Association (now QIA).


First offshore fishery license

QC is issued an Iqaluit business license to operate an offshore fishery.


Unaaq Fisheries is established

QC, Makivik Corporation and the Labrador Inuit Association form Unaaq Fisheries. Each company receives 400 mt of turbot quota to fish under Unaaq.


Kinguk Fisheries is created

QC forms its first subsidiary company – Kinguk Fisheries. The company is granted a shrimp license.


QC is created

The Qikiqtani Inuit Association (QIA) creates Qikiqtaaluk Corporation as its for-profit development arm.

QC is incorporated and forms its first Board of Directors.

QC’s primary role is to manage fishing quotas on behalf of QIA.

Health & Safety

Health and safety of our group of companies and our employees is paramount to growing a strong, safe and prosperous QC. We maintain high safety standards and health and safety is considered priority and the foundation of all our work.

QC strives to protect the health and safety of its employees, clients and others who may be impacted by our activities. Our safety program and policies are continuously reviewed and updated to provide the highest in safety standards in all the work we do.

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