Project Info

Location: All Qikiqtani Communities

Lead: Fisheries Division


  • Enhancing Nunavut’s fishing industry

Project Description

Responding to the community priorities heard during QC’s community tours, the QC Fisheries Division developed a strategic plan to support communities to develop their inshore fisheries.

QC has allocated significant investments in infrastructure, research and community support to develop the inshore fishery across the Qikiqtani Region.

A critical aspect of the inshore fishery development is collaboration with the Qikiqtani communities to conduct research on their inshore resources. In 2018 QC secured federal and territorial funding, leveraged with funding from QC, to design and construct a $2.5 million multi-purpose research vessel to conduct baseline research and surveys.

QC has been working with the Marine Institute of Memorial University in St. John’s Newfoundland to establish a Nunavut inshore fishery research program. Coastal and inshore fisheries surveys will be undertaken annually, each 8-10 weeks in length and cover two communities per season.

QC is working with the Qikiqtani communities to prioritize the inshore community projects as part of this research program.

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