Project Info

Location: Across Nunavut

Lead: QBDC, NCC Development


  • Home ownership pride and self-reliance
  • Decrease in demand of social housing

Project Description

There is a housing crisis in Nunavut. This crisis continues to grow despite the overwhelming decades of information supporting the urgency for action.

The housing shortage is one of the greatest barriers to empowering Inuit and to economic and social growth in Nunavut. Over 50 percent of Inuit live in social housing and, depending on the community, up to 75 percent in social housing are also faced with overcrowding.

The housing shortage inhibits employment, education, and healthcare. Private dwellings comprise just 20 percent of all dwellings in Nunavut. This significantly falls behind the rest of Canada which has a 68 percent home ownership rate. For many, the transition from public or staff housing to private home ownership is not possible as very few can afford the transition and if they can, the private market is extremely limited in most communities.

QC, through its subsidiary QBDC, supports Nunavut Tunngavik Inc. in advancing an Inuit-led housing plan that promotes home ownership and upholds sustainability and affordability as key factors for success.

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