Project Info

Location: Mary River Mine Site (160 km south of Pond Inlet)

Client: Baffinland Iron Mines

Lead: QC, QIL (formerly QL)


  • Inuit employment, training and capacity building

Project Description

Since 2007, QC has secured numerous contracts with Baffinland Iron Mines at their Mary River Project mine site.

QC and its subsidiary Qikiqtani Industry Ltd (formerly Qikiqtani Logistics) have provided Baffinland services including recruitment and employment, road care and maintenance, expediting, and housekeeping and catering.

To support Inuit in accessing Mary River job opportunities, QC worked to provide training opportunities for Nunavut Inuit. In 2008 QC provided training to 10 Inuit from Igloolik in diamond drilling. Since then, QC has hired over 400 Inuit from across the Qikiqtani Region for the Mary River Project, becoming one of the largest private employers in Nunavut.

QIL still holds the catering and housekeeping contract with Baffinland and serves close to 1000 workers daily during peak season.

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