Nunavut Offshore Allocation Holders Association

Since Nunavut became Canada’s newest territory in 1999 it has seen significant and impressive development in its adjacent offshore fishery for Greenland halibut and shrimp. To ensure the continued growth of this industry and to provide a unified industry voice on issues of concern to the fishery the Nunavut offshore allocation holders formed an industry association, “Nunavut Offshore Allocation Holders Association (NOAHA)”.

The association represents the four organizations engaged in the harvest of quotas in waters adjacent to Nunavut.

NOAHA’s focus is on:

  • Lobbying for increased quotas in Nunavut adjacent waters.
  • Attending industry meetings and putting forward Nunavut’s views on various issues as they affect the Nunavut commercial fishery and its members
  • Lobbying efforts with Governments: Nunavut and Federally as it relates to issues affecting the fishery
  • Any other matters of common interest where it is important the commercial fisheries voice be heard.