Inuit Owned land

The development of IOL Parcel E reinforces Inuit rights in land by encouraging uses that capture the highest and best use of the land in terms of economic development, environmental stewardship and cultural expression. All residents of Iqaluit will benefit from the creation of a strong gateway into the city along Federal Road. Development on these Inuit Owned Lands will celebrate and promote Inuit cultural heritage and contribute to the long-term economic, social and environmental sustainability of the city.

IOL Parcel E will take advantage of its location in the landscape by protecting important views and vistas, enhancing connections through the community to the land, and protecting areas for cultural activities. The community will be human-scaled, providing safe and accessible public spaces connected by trails and a connected network of local roads.

Development within IOL Parcel E will showcase innovative approaches to city building and sustainable design, ones that prioritize the development of a complete community through coordinated private and public investment. As a complete community within the broader city, IOL Parcel E will offer a range of housing options, commercial opportunities and cultural experiences.