Qikiqtani Industry Limited

Mission: Providing industrial services focusing on mining, oil and gas sectors to support project developers and companies operating in the Canadian Arctic.

Qikiqtani Industry (QIL) is a 100% Inuit-owned Company of Qikiqtaaluk Corporation and provides Inuit owned industrial capacity to project developers and companies operating in the Canadian Arctic.

The main focus of QIL is the Industrial sectors and more precisely, but not limited to mining, and oil and gas developments.

Services to date have included:

  • Recruitment and Human Resources
  • Catering and Camp Services
  • Expediting
  • Warehousing
  • Road Maintenance and snow  clearing
  • Environmental Clean-up in Iqaluit and other communities
  • Developer Services
  • Training (organization, funding applications, and support to trainees)

QIL responsibilities and tasks are directly linked to the following three general activities:

  1. Promote, negotiate and conclude contractual agreements with major industrial customers, through turn-key proposals and due procurement process.
  2. Conclude sub-contract agreements through procurement process with one or more of the QIL specialized service companies, organizing the delivery of the services contracted at point A.
  3. Monitor and proactively control through a complete contract management process the quality of the fulfillment of contractual responsibilities: risk management, financial and quality control and schedule control.

In delivering Inuit turnkey service solutions, QIL collaborates either as lead contractor or sub-contractor with other QC companies and joint ventures like Qikiqtaaluk Medical Corporation, Qikiqtaaluk Environmental, QC-Scarlet Security, Toromont Arctic, Qikiqtani First Air, NSSI and many others.