Fisheries Council of Canada (FCC)

The Fisheries Council of Canada is a non-profit trade association. Since the Council was established in 1915, the Fisheries Council of Canada has been the national voice for Canada's commercial fisheries. Member companies are processors who process the majority of Canada's fish and seafood production. Our members include small, medium and larger-sized companies along with Indigenous enterprises that harvest fish in Canada's three oceans and inland waters. FCC members take pride in being key employers in their communities, providing jobs and creating an economic base for other local businesses. 

Canada is a global leader in sustainable fisheries management with eighty per cent (80%) of Canadian wild seafood production by value being certified by the Marine Stewardship Council, the international gold standard for measuring fishery sustainability. This contrasts with only about 10% of the world’s fisheries certified.   

The Canadian seafood industry creates 80,000 direct jobs, mainly in coastal and rural communities, and accounts for $6.9 billion in exports to 139 countries.  The largest export markets for Canadian seafood products include the United States (63% of exports), China (14%), European Union (7%), and Japan (5%).  The Council is looking towards advantages created by recent free trade agreements, such as South Korea, CETA, and CPTPP.  Growing global demand for protein, including fish and seafood, points to more growth in Asian markets and elsewhere.

The FCC focuses work in these main areas:

  • Market Access/Trade Policy with the USA, Russia, European Union, TPP
  • Inspection/Technical Issues
  • International Fisheries Issues
  • Environmental/Ocean Use Issues