QC’s mission is “To create meaningful economic, employment and career development opportunities for Inuit.”

QC’s vision is "Fostering economic development opportunities for Inuit."

The values of our organization are:

  • to own and operate sound businesses that generate profit for today and wealth for tomorrow
  • to develop people, create employment and career opportunities
  • to contribute to community well-being and wealth generation
  • to uphold Inuit values and protect the earth, air and water
  • to participate successfully in the emerging global economy
  • to foster a strong sense of pride in our businesses and our people


QC focuses its investments in several key areas, which allows it to integrate Inuit knowledge, beliefs and culture. This leads to new and innovative approaches.

These key areas are:

  •  fisheries and marine services
  •  Inuit employment and capacity building
  •  environmental remediation and hazardous waste management services
  •  expediting and camp/catering services
  •  real estate development and management
  •  property assessment
  •  infrastructure development
  •  information technology
  • retail operations
  • medical services and staffing
  • transportation services (marine and aviation)
  • petroleum distribution