Floating Wharves at Milne Inlet and Pangnirtung

QC and Ocean Group, a company specialized in harbor design and construction, shipbuilding, yard, tug boat and barge services, formed Tulaktarvik, an Inuit company providing specialized marine services to the communities in the Qikiqtani region.

In 2008, Ocean Group built and installed a 300-foot long by 25-foot wide steel floating wharf at Milne Inlet, for the Mary River Project. The structure, stable yet temporary, allows for operations 24 hours a day and was installed in 5 days by 8 workers.

In 2009, Ocean Group also built a floating wharf for the fishing community of Pangnirtung.

The floating wharf concept that was used in Milne Inlet and Pangnirtung could be adapted to other areas in Nunavut and, under certain conditions, would allow ships to be unloaded directly at the dock. This process would render transshipment activities in the North more efficient and compensate for the lack of infrastructure.