1983 QC was incorporated and its first Board of Directors is formed, with preliminary role to manage fishing quotas on behalf of QIA
1985 A subsidiary Kinguk Fisheries is granted a shrimp license.
1989 QC is issued an Iqaluit business license to operate an offshore fishery.
1993 QC’s first commercial building project is completed. The Blue Dome in Iqaluit, shaped like an igloo, was a local landmark until its demolition in 2005.
1994 QC, Makivik Corporation and the Labrador Inuit Association (Unaaq) each receive 400mt of turbot quota. A joint venture company is created between Qikiqtaaluk Equipment Ltd and Hewitt Equipment Ltd to provide heavy equipment sales and services.
1996 Nunavut Construction Corporation holds it first Board of Directors meeting. QC secures and operation and maintenance contract of the Iqaluit airport.
1997 QC completed the assembly of the Canadian Helicopters hanger.
1998 QC secured the Resolution Island clean-up contract with a budget of $6.95 million and secured 15% shareholding in Pan Arctic Inuit Logistics.
1999 QC purchased Lot 521 Joint Venture and Baffin Gas Bar from Kakivak Association. QC committed to a one-year Nunavut Stone Works pilot project, one piece graces the front of the legislative assembly building. The Compassionate Travel Fund is established for Qikiqtani beneficiaries. QC is awarded the property assessment contract for the Government of Nunavut, which it still holds.
2000 The Igluvut Building construction is completed with the stone work in the main lobby a product of the Stone Works operation and a must see for tourists.
2001 QC completed 21 staff housing units.
2002 QC donated the use of two residential units during the construction of the AWG Arena in Iqaluit.
2004 Purchased the assets of two small IT companies to form QITC. QC purchased its first warehouse in the West 40 of Iqaluit, along with a woodworking business. Some of their handiwork can be seen at the Iqaluit Court House. It then merged Lot 521 and Kakivak Development Corporation to form Qikiqtaaluk Properties Inc. The MV Saputi was acquired.
2006 Qikiqtaaluk Logistics is formed to take over environmental clean ups and complete the Resolution Island Project.
2007 Cape Christen remediation contract was awarded to QL. QC and Nunasi purchased Frobuild (2006) Ltd., a building supplier in Iqaluit. Qikiqtaaluk Logistics signs a contract with Baffinland Iron Mines for employment and road maintenance
2008 QC celebrated its 25th anniversary and its most profitable year ever. Qikiqtani General Hospital construction is completed by QC.
2009 Baffin Gas Limited opened the Deli and Coffee Shop in the Igluvut building.
2010 Cape Christen remediation is completed, with the bridge being left for the use of the Clyde River community.
2011 QC is the first Inuit organization to obtain bid and performance bonding coverage without external guarantees. Two new joint ventures are struck - QC/Scarlet Security Service Inc. and Qikiqtani First Aviation Ltd. QC completed construction on a new floating wharf for Pangnirtung.
2012 MV Saputi is retrofitted. Qikiqtaaluk Logistics changed its name to Qikiqtani Industry Ltd. and forms Qikiqtani Resources Agency to handle Inuit employment placements. QPI completed another commercial building, the Allavvik, in Inuksugait Plaza of Iqaluit.
2013 QITC brings 3G cellular capability to Iqaluit. QC partners with NCC Properties Ltd. and Ataqtuarvik Corporation to build the Nunavut Media Arts Centre in Iqaluit. Frobuild (2006) Ltd.’s retail operation is liquidated. QC celebrated its 30th anniversary.
2014 Baffin Gas Limited changes its name to Qikiqtani Retail Services Ltd and expands operations. It adds a new convenience store to its holdings in the Iqaluit Plateau subdivision. QITC expands its retail operations to include an Electronics store in the Parnaivik building.