Message from QC’s President

As the Inuit Birthright Development Corporation for the Qikiqtani Region; Qikiqtaaluk Corporation has emerged as a corporate leader in Nunavut. We have grown as an experienced and reliable partner in various sectors including industrial and institutional infrastructure development.

QC, along with our Inuit subsidiaries and joint-ventures, can be your one-stop business partner in numerous fields of development, servicing and management in the communities and on remote sites throughout Nunavut.

My goal as the President of QC is to create a medium and long-term strategy for the company to consolidate, expand and diversify its capabilities. In order to generate economic development and employment opportunities for Inuit in the region, we plan to be even more active in the communities. Inuit capacity building by supporting training for Inuit has always been an important part of QC’s core values. Every Joint Venture agreement requires a capacity building strategy.

Overall economic development in Nunavut, including the mining sector, will create new opportunities for QC to significantly increase its contribution to the economic progress of the region and its people. Qikiqtaaluk Corporation is proud to be an active and dependable partner for both Inuit and companies that are developing or looking to develop sustainable business in Nunavut.

Harry Flaherty
Qikiqtaaluk Corporation